Phase 1


Phrase 1 - from July 2019

When the farm first opened it offered a wide variety of animals a home for life.   All of our animals were rescued or adopted.  

We had:

* Sheland ponies

* Donkeys

* Pigs

* Goats

* Cows

* Sheep

* Hens

* Cockerals

* Chicks

* Ducks

* Hamsters

* Rabbits

* Guinea Pigs

We offered visitors a real hands on experience that involved a tour of our animals, a chance to feed our animals, groom the Shetland ponies and take them for a walk.  Visitors also had the chance to collect eggs from the hens and handle our small animals such as rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.  

We had a picnic area with tractor climbing frame and a tuck shop selling a range of confectionery and hot/cold drinks.