Phase 2


We opened up for our new season on the 7th March 2020.  We had added many new animals and attractions to the farm, during our close down period of the winter.

New animals added to the farm included:

* Silkie Hens

* Guinea Fowl Birds

* Peacocks

* Meerkats

* Giant Rabbits

* Alpacas

* Miniature Horse 

* Alpacas 

* Highland Cow & Calf

Our popular activities programme is the same only we have added some new activities.  This includes learning about the hatching process of chicks and bottle feeding small animals such as lambs.

We developed our outdoor playarea and had a new sandpit and toddler climbing frame added.  

A new indoor play area was added to the farm.  It now has a toddler soft play area, indoor tractor racetrack and role play area.  We also built a new carpark and toilet block onsite too.

Our tuckshop was turned into a tearoom and expanded.  We now provide homebaking.  We also have an education centre and room to be used for birthday parties.