COVID-19 Visitor Guidelines

Preventing the spread of the virus at Fermanagh Fun Farm

Before Visiting 

  • staff, volunteers and visitors must not visit the farm if showing any symptoms of a cough, headache or mild fever.
  • Should staff, volunteers or visitors have come into contact with someone showing these symptoms too, they should not visit the farm. 
  • People who how classified as vulnerable or in contact with someone whose classified as vulnerable, should consider their own health and precaution, before visiting.  
  • All visitors must have pre-booked.  Unfortunately we can’t accept visitor’s onsite who are not pre-booked (unless we don’t exceed the limited numbers).
  • All visitors must pre-book.  A record of one of the group’s name, phone number, number of people attending and date / time will  be kept for 21 days (trace and track).

On Arrival 

  • As you enter the farm attraction, there is a disinfection mat.  Please sanitize your feet  and wheels (pram wheels for example)  by walking over the mat and pushing prams etc over the mat.
  • On arrival to the ticket office, all people in the group must santize their hands.  Only one person from the group should come into the ticket office to check in (we advised wearing a mask).
  • In the likely event of visitors arriving at the same time, visitors must keep a distance of 2M from other visitors.  markings are used to show 2M distances for visitors to use.  
  • Preferably, visitors will have made all payments in advance.  Onsite, payment can be paid using non-contact payment (preferably) or cash.

Pets Corner

  • At maximum of 3 groups (families) can be in pets corner at one time.
  • Each family will be given an allocated time to visit pets corner.  Please arrive on time to avoid having your experience cut short, for other visitors to arrive.
  • Please wait at the  line for a member of staff to welcome your group and invite you into pets corner.
  • Inside pets corner you'll be asked to wash your hands before / after handling animals.
  • Your family will be allocated a seating area.  Please stay in this area and follow staff instructions.   Use the green lines to maintain social distancing from other groups.
  • Facemasks must be worn inside pets corner by anyone not exempt or aged 12+.  Our staff / volunteers have been advised to wear facemasks.

Pony Grooming

  • Please wait at the gate for a member of our team to help you enter the pony area.
  • Please don't touch or climb on gate.  Our staff will help you in.
  • Follow all instructions.
  • Hand sanitizer is available to be used after handling grooming kits.
  • Facemasks must be worn as you'll come into close contact with our staff / volunteer (at times).

Farm Walk Around

When walking around the farm at your own leisure, to keep you and other people safe we would greatly appreciate you following these measures.

* Avoid touching gates, fences, posts etc.

* Maintain at least 2M away from others, ie only one family at a time at each animal area for feeding.

* Keep to the left hand size of walk ways.

* Only 1 family at a time to enter the piggery.

* Wash your hands after touching animals / before leaving the farm and before / after using our playareas.  

Play Area

  • Families must santizise their hands as they enter and leave the playarea.
  • For health and safety reasons, no food or drink is to be consumed in the playarea.
  • The playarea will be disinfected between sessions.
  • No sand play equipment will be made available.

Marque Play Area

  • Families can access the tractor track and marque playarea at a time that is suitable to them.  Should there be any issues, allocated timings like the playarea will be introduced.
  • No more than 3 families to be using the  area at a time.
  • Each family should keep at least 2m distance from others, when standing outside the track.
  • Visitors should sanitize the play equipment before each use, using the wipes provided.   

  • Tea-Room  (when open)
  • During opening hours, all windows and doors to be open to provide ventilation.
  • Visitors must wait outside tearoom to informed to enter and shown to a table.  All visitors and staff must use hand sanzister before entering.
  • Tables must stay in place or be moved by staff only.  This ensures we keep families 1M apart.
  • Visitors to stay seated at their table and staff will collect your order and bring it to your table.
  • Payment can be made on your exit from the tearoom.
  • Visitors are welcome to  place their order at the ticket office and have their food at the picnic area.
  • Face masks should be worn entering / exiting the tearoom (but not at your table).  Exceptions are in place for those with medical health issues that prevents them from wearing a mask and under 12's.

  • Indoor Playarea (Parent and Toddler mornings)  - Currently Closed
  • Tables to be set up 1M apart with no more than 6 chairs.
  • Only two households can use a table (except for under 12’s).
  • Only one family per mat can access indoor play.  (signage to be on display to inform visitors).
  • No more than 6 families to be in indoor play area at one time.

Train Ride 

* No more than 2 families / bubbles will be on the train at one time.

* Face masks are to be worn, when travelling on the train (for those over 12)

* At least 1M is kept between families / bubbles, while travelling on the train,

Should you have any issues / concerns about our guidelines, then please speak to a member of our team