Be a farmer experience for young kids or adults. Activities include: Helping behind the scenes (before opening time) * Getting the animals out of their bed, * Giving animals their breakfast, * Cleaning and making cosy beds for the animals, * Setting up enrichment activities and playing with the animals, * Learning about their care and welfare and helping give animals their medicine (if required) The experience is from 9.00am - 10.30am. We open to the public at 10.30am and you're able to stay at the farm to use our playareas and take part in a pony walking / grooming session and pet handling session. NEW to Fermanagh Fun Farm The Be a Farmer is a private behind the scenes session for anyone whose passion is to be a real farmer!

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Once you purchase your ticket a member of our team will contact you for you to choose the date you wish to visit. Experiences are held on a Saturday or Sunday morning.