Meet Dolly the donkey. We have no idea what age Dolly is but she lives on the farm with her daughter Polly and best friend Chloe. Dolly originally lived in Newtownbulter and Enniskillen before coming to live on the farm in April 2019, before we even opened to the public. The donkeys and ponies were one of the first animals to arrive. Polly is the boss of the donkeys and likes human attention the most. When grooming the donkeys, Polly will close in around the groomer, so the other donkeys can't get near the groomer to be brushed. When the other donkeys are being brushed, Dolly will poke her nose into the groomer to get their attention. She loves her food and will eat anything from donkey meal to bread and vegetables. Her favourite is pancakes and carrots. As Dolly's sponsor you'll be the only person who sponsors her for 1 year. Your sponsorship money goes to wards her care and welfare. As a thank-you you'll get one free pass to visit and meet Dolly, a photograph and a certificate. A plaque with your name on it will displayed in her enclosure, to let people know visiting you're her sponsor. This makes the perfect present, gift and memory for all animal lovers.

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