Meerkat Experience for family of 4.

Join our jolly, playful, happy, inquisitive meerkats Timon & Sergei in their new home at Fermanagh Fun Farm for a private session. These little creatures are so adoreable, funny, affectionate and love meeting new people. Why not come join them for a truly magical experience. Your experience includes: * Learning how to care and look after meerkats, * Make the meerkats their favourite dinner / snack * Feed the meerkats and spend time with them in their home. * Observe the meerkats natural behaviours and learn about their way of life. Added Extras Free time to visit the animals in their indoor homes Hot drinks reception at the end of your experience

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Price is £35 for 4 people.  Everyone who wants to attend during your session must have a valid ticket (excluding under 2's). 

These are private sessions.  Only you and whoever else joins you for the experience will be onsite. 

Private Session Tickets only valid Jan - Feb (outwith open season).  Tickets used outwith theses months can mean other members of the public will be on the premises at the same time.  

These sessions are exclusive and not available to the general public visiting the farm as a day visitor.