Background The animals are Fermanagh Fun Farm are kept as pets and will live on the farm for the rest of their life. None of the animals we own, will go into the food market. Instead, they will live at the farm forever. This comes at a huge cost to our organisation, feeding them, caring for them and providing them with their medical care. By sponsoring an animal / enclosure, you're helping us to give more animals a home for life. Interesting Facts We currently have 8 turkeys living in our turkey enclosure. We have 6 white and 2 bronze turkeys. Our turkeys were born in a turkey farm near Cookstown in the summer and we purchased them in September. They have greatly grown since coming to the farm. Turkeys can live for between 3-5 years and need access to grain all the time, as they like to peck at their food throughout the day. As turkeys have no teeth, they also need to be provided with grit and can drink up to 500ML of fresh water daily. They are hardie birds but can need medical care and assistance as they are known to catch various diseases from wild birds and from the ground. There toe nails also need cut on a regular basis. Why Sponsor: * You'll be the only person who sponsors the enclosure and the sponsorship lasts for one year. * You're helping give an animal a home for life. * You're helping a small social enterprise develop and provide more for the local community. * Its lets people know you care about animals (or your business cares about supporting the community) Sponsoring the Turkey Enclosure includes: * Free sign to advertise your name or business name, * 2 Free tickets to come and meet the animals in your enclosure, * Publicity on our facebook page. * A certificate of your sponsorship and photograph of our turkeys. Perfect to display in your business premises.

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