Meet Stella the goat. Stella came to live on the farm with her sister Bella in April 2021. Both girls had to be re-homed as they wouldn't stay in their field and kept escaping. She has a wonky horn but it does her no harm. We sometimes need to file it down so it doesn't go into her skin and cause her discomfort. Stella is a quiet, friendly goat and will have Bella her sister stick up for her, when Henry is being annoying. As Stellas sponsor you'll be the only person who sponsors her for 1 year. Your sponsorship money goes to wards her care and welfare. As a thank-you you'll get one free pass to visit and meet Stella, a photograph and a certificate. A plaque with your name on it will displayed in her enclosure, to let people know visiting you're her sponsor. This makes the perfect present, gift and memory for all animal lovers.

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