Win the following fabulous prize!!!!!!! Weekend stay for a family of 4, in one of Belmore Court Motel Standard Rooms. During your stay, visit any of the Cassidy Group Hospitality Establishment for a family meal for 4, free of charge. This includes Westville Hotel, Crowes Nest, Firetrap and Carrybridge Hotel. During your weekend stay in Fermanagh, enjoy a FREE visit to Fermanagh Fun Farm for a family of 4, including free rides on all attractions and lunch in Granny Flo's with drinks all FOC. Only 300 tickets available. Draw ends as soon as all tickets are sold or on Friday 30th June. Winner announced on a live facebook draw. Proceeds are in aid of our animal care and welfare fund. The proceeds will be used to create a new outdoor paddock so our pigs can explore and enjoy the outdoors, develop natural behaviours and have a better quality of life, compared to life indoors. Proceeds will also help towards the purchase of new hen houses and creating new paddocks for smaller animals and a new pathway for the public to be able to access new areas of the farm. Fermanagh Fun Farm is a social enterprise (not for profit making organisation) run by a committee known as "Friends of the Farm". The farm is home to over 150 rescued and adopted animals. All animals will live on the farm for the rest of their life, as pets. It costs approx £2000 per month to care for these animals. A breakdown of costs include bedding £800, feed £600, medical care £300, Insurance and Electric £300. We have a great team of volunteers and staff taking care of our animals on a daily basis. Good Luck and Thank-you for your support