Sponsor a Farm Animal for only £40 per year.
Meet Dolly the Donkey

All our farm animals are adopted and will live on the farm for the rest of their life. Your contribution towards sponsoring an animal will help towards the care and welfare of the animal. Choose an animal you'd like to sponsor. Your name / business name / community group name will be added to our sponsor board. Only 1 person sponsors each animal. We have a range of farm animals looking to be sponsored such as sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, hens, cockerels, chicks and ponies. If you'd like to sponsor one of these animals send us a message. As the sponsor you'll get one free admission ticket, a thank you certificate along with a picture of your sponsored animal. You can keep this as a souvenir or share with family and friends to let them know how much you care for animals. Check out our online shop on this website, to find animals looking a sponsor.