Fermanagh Fun Farm

An educational, fun, interactive, engaging, hands on farming experience for all animal lovers.

All about Us

Opened in July 2019,  Fermanagh Fun Farm is a social enterprise business and registered as a C.I.C (Community Interest Company).  It provides a family fun experience, learning about care and welfare of animals on a farm.  As a social enterprise 100% of the profits will go back into the farm to care for the animals,  to continue to expand and add attractions. Our profits will also be used to benefit the community, by offering workshops about caring for animals, and educational services to schools linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  It will also be used to ensure all our animals are well cared for, and we continue under the Animal Welfare Act to meet their 5 freedoms.   The farm is run and managed by a group of volunteers.

The farm is run by a community group called "Friends of the Farm". The group meet on a regular basis to plan next steps for the farm, using visitors feedback. The group is open to any member of the community of the age of 18, whose interested in the work of the farm.

Fermanagh Fun Farm is located on the edge of Lisbellaw Village (5 miles outside Enniskillen), 100 yards off the main Belfast to Enniskillen Road. We are easy to access using public transport, as only a 3-4 min walk from Lisbellaw Bus Station.

Like most businesses, the farm will start of small and will develop over time, according to customer demand. Currently animals on our farm include: donkeys, sheep, cows, pigs, hens, goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rabbits, giant rabbits, hamsters, peacocks, silkie hens, guinea fowl birds, cockerels, ducks, highland cows, alpacas and meerkats. Seasonally we have young animals on site too such as lambs and chicks in the spring.

As well as our animals we also have a tearoom, indoor play area and outdoor playground. We also have picnic areas should families wish to bring their own food.

Fermanagh Fun Farm
Slate Quarry Lane
BT94 5BB

Telephone: 02866 385060

Aims and Objectives



An educational, fun, interactive, engaging, hands on farming experience for all animal lovers.

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We aim to provide a first class family attraction. The farm will progress to achieve this over the coming years, adding each phase when possible.

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Phase 1

Pre-Booking Event Only

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Phase 2

March 2020

Learn MoreJan 03, 2020

Other Phases

Beyond March 2020

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Fermanagh Fun Farm Services

A real life, hands on, active, engaging, farm experience for all the family! * Feeding farm animals, * Petting small animals in pets corner, * Pony grooming and walking, * Lamb bottle feeding (spring time only) * Indoor and outdoor playarea, * NEW FOR 2021 - Train Ride


Services Offered

Birthday Parties

Do you have a animal loving child whose dream would be to spend their birthday with their friends and some animals? This will make their dream come true! We offer 2 packages. Our sales team will work closely with you to plan the perfect party for your child. The party can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Educational Visits

Coming Soon! We want to offer educational services to our local schools and nurseries, linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

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Group Visits

We welcome any group to the farm. We have recently had groups attending such as summer schemes to the farm.

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School Trips

School Trips School Trips School Trips
At Fermanagh Fun Farm we have an experienced primary school teacher offering an educational visit, tailored to your needs and linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum.  Our education services includes a pre-site visit for teachers (optional). During this session, teachers get the opportunity to work with our education team, to tailor their visit, to meet the needs of their topic / pupils.    We have listed some workshops below that are available.  If there is another workshop not listed you'd like to do, contact our education team and we will work with you, to tailor make an educational experience suitable for your visit.  Contact our education officer Alan on 07834 903858 for more information.

We also offer services to our secondary schools, such as work placements, support in units for national qualifications such as Btec Agricultural.  

Some examples of workshops available:
Caring for Animals
Animals and their Homes
Animals and their Senses
Where are food comes from?
Animals and their Prey Meerkats workshop
Healthy Eating
Recycling on a Farm
Jobs on a Farm 

Main Categories

New Arrival

Sponsor an Animal

Sponsor a small pet for only £15 per year

Meet Fluffy

All our small pets are adopted and will live on the farm for the rest of their life. Your contribution towards sponsoring an animal will help towards the care and welfare of the animal. Choose an animal you'd like to sponsor. Your name / business name / community group name will be added to our sponsor board. Only 1 person sponsors each animal. We have guinea pigs and rabbits looking for a friend to sponsor them. If you'd like to sponsor one of these animals send us a message. As the sponsor you'll get sent a free admission ticket, a thank you certificate along with a photo of your sponsored animal. You can keep this as a souvenir or share with family and friends to let them know how much you care for animals.

Sponsor a Farm Animal for only £25 per year.

Meet Dolly the Donkey

All our farm animals are adopted and will live on the farm for the rest of their life. Your contribution towards sponsoring an animal will help towards the care and welfare of the animal. Choose an animal you'd like to sponsor. Your name / business name / community group name will be added to our sponsor board. Only 1 person sponsors each animal. We have a range of farm animals looking to be sponsored such as sheep, donkeys, goats, pigs, hens, cockerels, chicks and ponies. If you'd like to sponsor one of these animals send us a message. As the sponsor you'll get one free admission ticket, a thank you certificate along with a picture of your sponsored animal. You can keep this as a souvenir or share with family and friends to let them know how much you care for animals.



When are you open?

We are currently closed due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We hope to open again on Sat 6th March 2021.


Prices for 2021 are:

Adult £6.00
Children £8.50
Family of 4 £24.50
Family of 5 £29.50 (then £5 per person there after)
Under 2's Free

Group Bookings
To find out about our large group booking rates please contact our sales office. 02866385060. We have great offers for groups over 5 people. We can also be contacted using our facebook page.

2021 Group Prices (for groups 15+)
Child £5.50
Adult: Free per 10 children (£2 thereafter)


What animals do you have on the farm?

* Donkeys
* Miniature Horses
* Shetland Ponies
* Sheep / Lambs
* Highland Cow / Cows
* Alpacas
* Hens / Chicks
* Roosters
* Ducks / Ducklings
* Guinea Fowl Birds
* Peacocks
* Pigeons
* Turkeys
* Pigs
* Rabbits
* Guinea Pigs
* Hamsters
* Gerbils
* Gerbils
* Meerkats
* Goats / Kids

What Activities can I do during my pre-booked session?

Following government guidelines of Covid 19, we have some restrictions in place to meet national guidelines.  We will update this page regularly when changes take place.   We have hi-lighted the restrictions here for your info.

We offer 2 packages. These are as follows.

Package 1
* Tour of the Farm - A guided tour of the farm, with your guide sharing information on animals and their care and welfare.
* Animal Feeding - You'll be given a basket of food to feed the animals.
* Pony Grooming and Walking - Have a chance to learn how to groom a pony and then take the pony for a walk on their lead.
* Play-time. - Relax and spend time in our outdoor and indoor play-area.
NEW FOR 2021 - Enjoy a train ride around our cow patch in our ride on train.

Package 1 has a £5 extra donation towards the cost of having a guided tour plus has to be booked at least 48 hours in advance.

Package 2
Same as pack 1 excluding guided tour. Instead have a self-guided tour of the farm.
Expansion of allocated access to playarea from 15mins - 30mins.

Do you do group bookings?

 Yes we offer a discount of bookings of 10+ people.  Contact our sales team for more info on 02866 385060 or send a message to our facebook page.  

Birthday Packages
We offer to birthday packages

Package 1:
* Feeding the farm animals,
* Cuddle and feeding time in pets corner,
* Walking and grooming ponies,
* Finding eggs in the hens egg enclosure,
* Free time to play in playareas,
* Present for birthday child,
* Party bag for each child,
* 1 hour in party room for games and buffet,
* Private party consultant

Package 2:
Same as package 1 plus:
* Food platter for each child (chicken chunks, cocktail sausages & chips)
* Jug of Juice,
* Tea / Coffee for the adults,

Package 1 £7.50 per child
Package 2 £12.50 per child
2 free adults - additional adults £3.50

School Trips
We welcome schools on educational visits. We have a variety of workshops on offer linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum. For more info on our educational experiences contact our education team on 02866385060.  

What Attractions are there on the farm?

* Onsite carpark
* Variety of farm animals,
* Tearoom - selling a variety of homebaking, confectionery, hot/cold drinks,
* Picnic area and onsite toilets suitable for disabled use,
* Outdoor play area (sand pit, tractor trailer climbing frame & toddler climbing frame), l
* Indoor playarea (role play area, farmers market, arts and crafts, tractor race track and toddler softplay. (Current closed due to Covid19-Restrictions)
* NEW FOR 2021 - Train ride around our cow patch.

Where is the Farm?

The Farm is allocated on the outskirts of Lisbellaw villiage.  Our adderss is 4 Slate Quarry Lane, Lisbellaw, BT94 5EE.  Visit our contact us page for a map to find the farm.

The farm is located next to Lisbellaw village, just off the main A4 Belfast to Enniskillen Road.  


At times throughout the year, Fermanagh Fun Farm will have seasonal and family events held on the farm.  To find out about these events, follow us on Facebook.  

All events happening our currently listed on the events page of this website. 

Are Dogs Allowed?

No dogs are allowed on the farm, to protect our animals and to prevent any fear put unto our animals.  Guide dogs are welcome.

How do I book a visit?

  • Visitors must pre-book before visiting the farm.

Tickets can be booked online in our events page, on this


Visit our facebook page Fermanagh Fun Farm, Lisbellaw or call our ticket office on 02866385060.  Our sales office is open weekends 10am-6pm.


Thank-you Balcas

Henry having fun on the new playground.

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Volunteer with Us

The Team / Volunteers

Alan Potters

Managing Director

Volunteer Alan graduated from Stirling University (Scotland) with a BA in Business, Education and ICT. He then went on complete a PGCE in Primary Education. Alan has been a primary school teacher for 16 years. Alan's role in the business as managing director will be to ensure the overall running of the business goes smoothly. He will be in charge of the education programme, linking it to the Northern Ireland Curriculum and arranging educational workshops and school visits. Alan will also be in charge of marketing and promotion of the business. Alan will also be involved in the recruitment and selection of volunteers and also providing them with inhouse training to be able to do their role and follow health and safety guidelines.

Heather Potters

Sales / Events Manager

Volunteer Heather has many years experience of working in retail and will bring this knowledge and skills to her new role. Heather will mange the online / pre-booking tickets system and sales. She will also organise and run annual events on the farm, as well as dealing with bookings such as birthday parties.

Fermanagh Fun Farm C.I.C

Fermanagh Fun Farm C.I.CFermanagh Fun Farm C.I.CFermanagh Fun Farm C.I.C
What is a Social Enterprise Business?
Social enterprises are businesses. They make and do things that earn money and make profits like any business. It is how they work and what they do with their profits that is different: working to make a bigger difference, reinvesting the profits they make to do more good.
Social enterprises come in all sizes, from small community cafés to really big international organisations, but they’re usually started by a person or group with a particular passion and sense of purpose.
The passion often comes from trying to solve a problem that they understand personally; and the purpose comes from having a business idea that could solve that problem for others.

Alan Potters (Managing Directors Vision for Fermanagh Fun Farm

* A Family Fun Attraction
The aim of the farm is to attract families looking for an enjoyable day out, to spend time with animals, learn about caring for animals. We wish to expand on this in 2020 by expanding the business to include a tearoom for people to socialise in and have some leisure time at our play area. Each year, using profits from the business these areas will continued to be expanded, new enclosures and animals breeds will be expanded, as well as new attractions added. A 5 year business plan has been drawn up to achieve this, using survey information gained by asking the general public what they would like to have, at the fun farm.

* Training and Employment
Alan an experienced school teacher has worked in both the primary and secondary school sector, with pupils with additional support needs. While working in this sector, he noticed that his pupils, had less opportunities to gain paid employment or work experiences. By providing opportunities for employment, volunteering and gaining national qualifications at the farm, he hopes to enhance young peoples opportunity to be able to gain paid employment or voluntary work. With agricultural & tourism being the biggest employment areas of Co Fermanagh, providing learning and training in both areas, gives young people more of a chance of gaining employment.

* An Education Service
Onsite & Offsite educational workshops will be provided for schools .  These will be linked to the Northern Ireland Curriculum from foundation stage to Keystage 4.  Areas of the curriculum will be "The World Around Us"  & GCSE agricultural, tourism, business studies, food & nutrition, preparation for working life, work and life skills.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety
We at Fermanagh Fun Farm take your health and safety very seriously and have put in measures, to minimise any risks, while visiting the farm.

By law we must inform you, all animals naturally carry some micro organisms, which can be transmitted to humans where they may cause ill health. Whilst the hazards are real, the risk of infection is low and can be readily controlled by following these simple practical steps which will make your visit even more safe, healthy and enjoyable.

Feeding and Touching the Animals
  • You MUST ensure that you and your children wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the animals and particularly before consuming food and drink.
  • You MUST ensure that children under five are supervised by a responsible adult whilst washing their hands.
  • Use the disinfected mats to clean footwear and wheels on prams etc, when entering and leaving the farm.
  • Washing facilities are located in the handling shed and nearby toilet block.
  • DO NOT – consume food or drink in the animal areas. 
  • Expectant mothers should refrain from handling all sheep and lambs during the lambing season.
  • When feeding the animals please ensure that you and your children feed with their HANDS FLAT. Animals cannot tell the difference between fingers and food.
  • Most of our animals enjoy a cuddle. If you would like to hold an animal please ask a member of staff.
  • DO NOT – enter any animal enclosure unless invited to do so by a member of staff.
Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on our premises. A smoking area is available at the side of the tearoom (road side).

Customers coming to the farm must make themselves aware of this and the procedures in place, before coming to the farm. Fermanagh Fun Farm can't be held liable, as we have put measures in place to minimise this risk.

COVID Guidelines

Covid 19 General Information

Covid 19 General Information

We have written the following guidelines to keep our visitors, volunteers and staff safe, during COVID-19 and to prevent the spread of the virus.

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COVID-19 Visitor Guidelines

COVID-19 Visitor Guidelines

Procedures we have put into place to keep our visitors, staff and volunteer safe.

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COVID 19 guidelines (Christmas Event)

COVID 19 guidelines (Christmas Event)

We have put extra resources / procedures in place during our Halloween experience to keep everyone safe. please read this before visiting.

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