Health and Safety  image
We at Fermanagh Fun Farm take your health and safety very seriously and have put in measures, to minimise any risks, while visiting the farm.

By law we must inform you, all animals naturally carry some micro organisms, which can be transmitted to humans where they may cause ill health. Whilst the hazards are real, the risk of infection is low and can be readily controlled by following these simple practical steps which will make your visit even more safe, healthy and enjoyable.

Feeding and Touching the Animals
  • You MUST ensure that you and your children wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling the animals and particularly before consuming food and drink.  Sanitizer is not effective at killing all germs, found on a farm and must not be used. 
  • You MUST ensure that children under five are supervised by a responsible adult, whilst washing their hands.
  • Washing facilities are located in the pets corner, toilet block and outside the playbarn.
  • DO NOT – consume food or drink in the animal areas. 
  • Expecting mothers should refrain from handling all sheep and lambs during the lambing season.
  • When feeding animals do so at your own risk.  Animals can bite.
  • Most of our animals enjoy a cuddle. If you would like to hold an animal please ask a member of staff.
  • DO NOT – enter any animal enclosure unless invited to do so by a member of staff.
Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere on our premises. A smoking area is available at the side of the tearoom (road side).

Customers coming to the farm must make themselves aware of this and the procedures in place, before coming to the farm. Fermanagh Fun Farm can't be held liable, as we have put measures in place to minimise this risk.